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The thought of losing car keys can conjure up horrifying scenarios, memories and consequences. Being locked out of your car halts the progress of your day, possibly effecting income or your reputation for reliability. It is always the best idea to get a spare car key made. Even if it takes an emergency to spur you into action, you can trust Top Security Locksmiths to get your key made as quickly as possible. We are available to you in Point Pleasant, NJ 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help you out of a jam.
We can duplicate the keys for most foreign and domestic makes and models. We have the latest technology that allows us to duplicate or generate your lost transponder chip key from scratch. Once we duplicate or generate your brand new key, we program it for immediate use.
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Does your keyless remote work when it wants to? If your remote only locks or unlocks your doors, it may need reprogramming. We can offer you instructions to reprogram or you can stop by our Mount Pleasant location to have us do it for you.
If you've lost your remote, we can program a new one for you. You can pick up your remote at our location. We offer discounts for AAA members.
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